The Ahuenco Park is a private conservation initiative located on the Pacific coast of Chiloé. It is located to the north of the northern segment of the Chiloé National Park. Born in the early nineties, it is one of the first conservation initiatives created, managed, and financed exclusively by a group of individuals interested in the care of the portion of land and sea where it is located, which is of great richness and includes unique ecosystems of great endemism.

Our aim is to contribute to joint conservation efforts between its members, the local community, and CONAF, and to ensure the sustainable management of the biodiversity present in the Piuché mountain range.



To be a model of self-contained management

where the active participation of members through democratic mechanisms allows the consolidation of an associative not-for-profit community experience aimed at conserving biodiversity.

To be a model in its relationship with the surrounding community,

as we believe that we conserve with the community and not against it. We have been a relevant actor in the Territorial Discussion Table of Chepu, we are active members of the Association of Tour Operators; we participate in the Traditional and Gastronomic Show of Chepu; we maintain a Cooperation Agreement with the Fishermen’s Union “Mar Adentro” of Chepu, which has under its administration four areas of management and extraction of benthic resources. We also maintain a permanent relationship with the “Alla Mapu” School in Chepu.

To be a model of collaborative relationships

with a protected public area, participating in joint actions with our neighboring Chiloé National Park, administered by CONAF, such as the annual wildlife monitoring system. For this we have installed camera traps in order to determine the annual occupation of areas by Darwin’s foxes, pudúes, guiñas, coipos, quiques, and other species, as well as to monitor for the presence of threats to wildlife, mainly dogs, cattle, or mink.